It was far back in 1910 when the family, of which Gimmi Baldinini is the third generation, took its first steps in footwear, making bespoke shoes entirely by hand. Today those craft skills are still as important as ever and are interwoven with creative expertise inspired by world culture.

Many years of research and exploratory journeys, of experiments and triumphs. And a good number of collections before making the ultimate breakthrough.

Now, 100 years later and with millions of pairs of shoes under its belt, the company has more than 100 Baldinini stores around the world in the most exciting fashion business locations. Its production unit employs over 250 highly skilled workers.

Baldinini brand creations attract attention and are instantly recognised, they are the choice of a huge number of devotees and of the leading world fashion markets.


The new Baldinini Eyewear collection embraces the changing moods of fashion and innovation in keeping with the times and transcends borders and confines; it observes and stays close to the tastes of its audience yet never ignores provocation.

Frames are rich in details, solid tradition with a hint of madness, femininity and energy: a pure fashion message which consumers are the first to respond to, for both women’s and men’s styles. Strong and sophisticated personality dedicated to a sensual and contemporary woman. In a perfect harmony between maison’s traditional design and stylish feminine allure - the new models embody Baldinini code for the new season.

The creativity of the design and the high-quality manufacturing techniques celebrate the maison’s timeless elegance.

BLD 1966
BLD 1973
BLD 1964
BLD 1962
BLD 1961

The new Baldinini sunglasses collection has been designed for men who seek elegance at all times,  combined with attention to detail and high-quality, latest-generation materials; but above all, men who take care of their appearance and their spirit.

BLD 2013
BLD 2020
BLD 2037
BLD 2033
BLD 2018
BLD 2023
BLD 2035
Gimmi Baldinini Signature

Baldinini’s ongoing creative adventures have been translated into accessories such as luxury new capsule collection made under license by selected partners. 
Special design of five models embraces the changing mood of italian fashion and innovation, it stays close to the tastes of its stylish audience.
The result of combination of 3D carbon with wood finishing acetate, real birch wood and rubber tips is indicated for a modern successful man full of charm, passion and power.
The self-confidence radiated by each model of Gimmi Baldinini Signature collection is like a code that allows you to walk with elegance through the most exclusive fashion paths!

BLD 1978
BLD 1981
BLD 1979
BLD 1982
BLD 1980
Gold Edition

The Baldinini Gold Edition offers, in an elegant case, glasses with polarized lenses and frames covered in 0.5 microns of 18-carat white and red gold.

BLD 1989
BLD 1997
BLD 1992
BLD 1998
BLD 1990
BLD 1994
BLD 1991
BLD 2005
BLD 2007
BLD 2001
BLD 2004
BLD 2009
BLD 2008

Continuing more than century-old traditions of Baldinini, we are proud to present a new line in Baldinini Occhiali collection — Baldinini HERITAGE EDITION.
Taking the best examples of brand as the basis, designers harmoniously adapt them in light of the latest fashion trends. Expanded advertising campaign under the slogan ‘SHOES MY WAY’ SINCE 1910 will accompany the appearance of HERITAGE EDITION worldwide.

BLD 1986
BLD 1987
BLD 2031
BLD 2032